Trommel Screen Upgrades at A303 Materials Recovery Facility

The trommel screens in the main materials recovery building at the A303 have recently been replaced with a larger size mesh, resulting in around a third less material being delivered to the picking line. The increase in screen size has brought about the following benefits:

The 25mm to 60mm material, which previously went onto the Picking Line now falls through the trommel to be processed by the Proflow screener. This results in the workers on the picking line being able to focus on picking the large size material accurately, increasing throughput along the line significantly.

A reduction in labour costs for the business, by reducing the headcount on the picking line by two workers per shift, gives a saving of at least 240 man hours per week.

An improvement in the quality of the RDF/landfill material will be achieved, with a corresponding reduction in weight and disposal costs, because the small items missed by the workers, that previously went for disposal, are now being removed before they reach the picking line.