Raymond Brown visit after school club ‘The Roost’ at Nightingale Primary School.

Raymond Brown visited pupils from the after school club, The Roost, ran by Integr8 sports, to teach pupils about the importance of recycling and how Raymond Brown staff stay safe when on sites.

The children had the opportunity to try on PPE (personal protective clothing), including safety glasses, hi-vis  clothing and hard hats, whilst Raymond Brown staff explained the importance of being seen on site and how the PPE protects them.

Equipped with some mixed waste, Communications and Marketing Manager, Kerry Hayman, challenged pupils to segregate the rubbish into recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste.  Kerry then explained how non-recyclable waste is incinerated, generating electricity and then how the ash is recycled into an aggregate, which is used to build sub-bases of roads.

Pupils were then put into teams and given a workbook to complete, which included exercises such as a word search and challenging questions about where household rubbish goes.  All children received prizes for their positive suggestions and answers.

Lynda Hardiman-Pearce at Intergr8 Sports commented, “We are always looking for new challenges for our pupils at The Roost.  It was great to hear Raymond Brown employees talk about the importance of recycling and how they keep themselves safe on their sites.  The gifts were a real hit, especially the hard-hat pencil sharpeners!”