Raymond Brown Waste Solutions is now Collard Environmental.


A303 Materials Recovery Facility


Site Address

A303 Materials Recovery Facility, A303 Enviropark, Drayton Road, Barton Stacey, Andover, Hampshire, SO21 3QS


Raymond Brown have very positive relationships with both the Barton Stacey and Longparish communities, including the local schools, pre-schools and other community groups.

We provide donations in the form of skips, financial contributions, materials, volunteering, PPE, including for the bi-annual Longparish Clean Up Day, local Fun Run, both the Barton Stacey and Longparish Village Fetes, fireworks events, etc.

As part of our Community Matters Initiative, Raymond Brown have created partnerships with a number of nearby local schools who have designed lorries which are based at the A303 Materials Recovery Facility: Longparish Primary School, Longparish Little School, Barton Stacey Primary School, Barton Stacey Pre-School, Portway Junior School, Knights Enham Junior School, Pilgrims’ Cross Primary School, Roman Way Junior School. Vigo Junior School, Smannell and Enham, Osborne School and Rookwood School.  We also undertake classroom lessons with the local schools, educating them on the topic of recycling and the site operations.

Every six months we administer a liaison meeting, chaired by Councillor Jonathan Frere of Longparish Council at the site with borough and parish councillors, statutory authorities and local residents of the site.

In 2016, an open day on site was held and around 60 visitors attended. This included representatives from the site liaison panel, parish councils, local residents and community groups. Visitors enjoyed a guided walk to the viewing platform to learn about the site and its key roles within the community. Earlier in the day, students from Andover College were invited for a tour of the site. The event provided the business with an opportunity for the community to ask any questions and provide their comments and suggestions.